About Davis Earthmoving & Quarrying Pty Ltd

Davis Earthmoving and Quarrying Pty Limited is a family owned business that began more than 35 years ago. It has over 80 pieces of earthmoving equipment and employs around 30 people. Our company is innovative and has the latest equipment. The company has a full range of plant equipment. All equipment is relatively new and in excellent condition. The client can have confidence that there will be little delay in works for repairs and our operators are very experienced. The company has its own mechanics, fitters, boiler makers and spray painters, as well it has all the tools to repair our equipment quickly. Scheduled maintenance is carried out on all equipment, which is a priority, as it keeps the equipment working with minimal breakdowns.

The business started in earthmoving and demolition. It moved into concrete and brick recycling in 1989 with the purchase of its first concrete recycling crusher. Today the company runs 9 mobile crushers. Then in 1999 the company purchased a shredder and diversified its business into C&D waste recycling, green waste and timber processing, as well as land clearing. Today we are running 6 track mounted shredders. In 2013 Davis Earthmoving was awarded a logging contract with NSW Forestry Corporation for 4 years.

Davis Earthmoving carries out work for private companies, councils, and governments throughout NSW.

Davis Earthmoving & Quarrying Pty Ltd is a market leader in all fields it works in.