Who we are

Established in 1975, Davis Earthmoving & Quarrying is an Australian family owned and operated company with a state-wide footprint in NSW.

Our company has a respected history successfully delivering professional recycling and contracting services to a large client portfolio including councils, government and private clients in the commercial, industrial and civil sectors across NSW. We have over 100 machines in our privately owned Earthmoving Plant & Equipment Fleet for hire or contract. This ensures we can meet our client’s needs at any time. We specialise in a diverse range of services: Resource Recovery, Green Waste Shredding, Land Clearing, Vegetation and Forest Mulching, Stump Grinding, C&D Shredding, Mobile Crushing and Screening, Concrete Recycling, Glass Recycling, Earthmoving, Excavation, Demolition, Heavy Haulage, Bulk Haulage, Rock Augering, Rock Sawing, Rock Hammering, processing and supply of quality Recycled Products & Landscape Supplies.


Founded in 1975, by the late Ray Davis and his wife Sue Davis, their son Eric Davis is now the company CEO.

Ray & Sue’s dedication built the business from the ground up. The company started out in Earthmoving, Excavation & Demolition with our own heavy haulage. We continue to offer bulk earthworks, excavation and site rehabilitation.

In 1989 Davis Earthmoving & Quarrying diversified into Brick & Concrete Recycling with the purchase of our first mobile Concrete Crusher. We recognised the value of waste as a vital resource early on. Our recycling division has grown exponentially, we have added mobile screens to our fleet and we continue to process quality recycled materials and eco landscape supplies for reuse in our communities.

In 1999 we expanded our Green Waste & Timber Processing and our Land Clearing division, adding high & low speed Shredders to our fleet. We continue to specialize in site clearing, new road construction, forest mulching, green waste mulching, horizontal timber grinding and C&D shredding for mattresses, tyres, carpet, logs & palms.

In 2000, company CEO Eric Davis joined the business fulltime. As the son of Ray & Sue Davis, Eric had a natural aptitude for the industry and high work ethic, he acquired knowledge and skills forging a career in the family business, and growing operations. Eric’s unwavering commitment to the business and its clients continues to drive the company forward.

For almost 50 years Davis Earthmoving & Quarrying has continued to expand and diversify into a number of waste recycling sectors. Our aim is to maximize resource recovery and reduce waste going into landfill, contributing to a circular economy and sustainable Australia.

Our Mobile Waste Processing

Davis Earthmoving offers modern waste handling and recycling solutions to meet client’s individual needs. Our machinery offer powerful performance meaning no material or terrain is too tough.

We offer:

  • Mobile Crushing Plant for hire to process concrete, rock, brick, soil, sand, tile, asphalt, glass, mulch and fill.
  • Mobile Screens for hire to screen soil, concrete, green waste, rubbish, mulch and fill.
  • Sustainable Land Clearing and Green Waste Processing, offering a range of equipment such as Horizontal Timber Grinders, Green waste Shredders, Forest Mulchers, Dozers, Excavators up to 46 tonne with shears, grapples.
  • In addition to green waste mulchers our Low Speed Shredder enables us to process all types of difficult waste, heavy C&D, bulk waste, mattresses and tyres.

Crushing & Screening For Hire

Our Plant & Equipment Hire

We have over 100 machines in our large plant & earthmoving equipment fleet enabling us to provide services on demand.

All equipment is portable to work on site. We have our own prime movers to transport machines efficiently and directly to site. We place a high priority on in-house machinery maintenance. We operate our own service centre and carry out on-demand field maintenance with our service trucks delivering quick repairs which means maximum efficiency for our clients. Our mechanics, fitters, boilermakers and spray painters hold the skills and tools to repair our equipment quickly.

The company holds a range of spare parts on hand to save waiting for suppliers or parts to be imported from overseas. This means you can have confidence that with our company there is minimum plant down time, and your project will be completed on time and on budget. We have experienced qualified operators, and we are committed to safety proven by our exemplary WH&S Safety Management System. Our diverse range of fleet means we are equipped to adapt and deliver no matter how big the challenge.

Earthmoving Equipment For Hire

Resource Recovery

Davis Earthmoving has a strong focus on our Resource Recovery and Waste Recycling.

  • We process & supply quality Recycled Landscape and Building Supplies
  • We are the preferred contractor hired repeatedly to process material at Resource Recovery Facilities and landfills for Councils across NSW
  • We offer delivery and pick up for a range of recycled materials
  • We offer waste tipping at our Sydney tip for a range of building and demolition waste

Our aim is to recover materials for REUSE, rather than going into landfill. We hope to help reduce the need for extracting materials from the natural environment as we work towards a sustainable Australia.

Landscape Supplies & Recycled Products

Our Vision & Sustainable Practices

Our aim is to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill using best practise resource recovery.

We are driven by our commitment to recover, reuse and recycle valuable and environmentally sustainable products for use back in infrastructure, industry and communities. We have ethical management and environmental practices. CEO Eric Davis is passionate about the recycling waste sector and is dedicated to offering professional and environmentally sustainable waste management solutions. We are committed to our core values of honesty, reliability and commitment. We strive to uphold our renowned reputation for quality, reliability, safety and client satisfaction.

We hope to continue to forge strong industry relationships and repeat work with clients. With Eric Davis at the helm, his passion for the industry, hands-on approach, dedication to the job and vision to innovate continues to lead our company successfully into the future. Enabling us to consistently deliver quality services to our clients every time. Our vision is to continue to adapt to the changing needs of the industry and to contribute to a circular economy. We are looking to integrate even more innovative technology into our systems and are planning to add additional equipment to our fleet to further strengthen our portfolio. Through our mobile waste processing we hope to help achieve recycling goals for Australia and to minimise our environmental footprint for future generations.