Land Clearing, Shredding & Mulching NSW

  • Sustainable Land Clearing
  • Green Waste Shredding
  • C&d Shredding
  • Timber Mulching
  • Log & Tree Stump Grinding
  • Forestry Mulching
  • Wood Shearing
  • Trommel Screening
  • Industrial & Commercial Waste Shredding
  • Wood Waste Recycling
  • Site Clearing
  • New Road Constructions & Subdivisions
  • Civil Earthworks, Pipelines & Drainage
  • Landfill Compaction
  • Grubbing
  • Site Remediation
  • Firebreaks
  • Soils & Mulch Supply
  • Green Waste Removal

We specialise in sustainable land clearing services, green waste shredding, timber & forestry mulching, C&D shredding and landfill compaction. Established almost 50 years ago, DAVIS EARTHMOVING has supplied services for private companies, council resource recovery facilities & landfills, Forestry NSW, Defence sites and Government departments throughout NSW. Call the office to discuss your job requirements and for a quote today.

We are committed to resource recovery and diverting waste from landfill by recycling waste and turning it into usable products.

Land Clearing

We specialise in sustainable land clearing services for new road constructions, road widening, subdivision and residential property clearing.

We offer services in site preparation, earth works and excavation, drainage and pipelines. We can sustainably clear land for firebreaks, dam access and manage vegetation for bushfire protection. We ensure our work promotes sustainable development and effective implementation of environmental practices.

Mulching, Shredding & Green Waste Recycling

We specialise in log & stump grinding, wood shearing, green waste shredding, C&D shredding, timber and forestry mulching and landfill compaction.

We can handle trees, palms, logs, stumps, vegetation, commercial & industrial waste, demolition wood waste, railroad ties, carpet, MSW, mattresses, tyres. from wood shear to grabs to load the shredders in no time.

Our machines can handle difficult and wet products. We can collect and sort rubbish and can handle steel. We can supply coarse to fine mulch and soil products. We offer green waste removal and bulk haulage. We have a wide range of equipment for hire or contract to suit your needs today.

Shredder & Land Clearing Equipment Hire

Our mobile processing plant are all on tracks enabling us to tackle any job no matter how tough the terrain.

Our machines are portable to work on site and our floats can bring them directly to you. Our qualified staff has extensive experience and our equipment is fully maintained to manufacturer’s operating specifications to ensure safety and maximum efficiency. Our versatile range of equipment includes:

  • Low speed shredders can handle hard-to-shred waste, logs, stumps, palms, c&d, railroad ties, carpet, msw, mattresses, tyres. Produces coarse pre-crushing to a defined shredding size. Our machine boasts a large loading volume to efficiently handle difficult to process waste.
  • Forest Mulchers, Tree Feller Bunchers & dozers available.
  • Mobile green waste shredders for shredding trees, stumps, logs and vegetation and producing a fine product.
  • Horizontal timber grinders for shredding stumps, logs, demolition waste and other wastes, and producing a fine product.
  • Mobile screening plants including trommel screens, track mounted power grids and trailer mounted power screens. For logs, stumps, trees or demolition wood waste material, off-cuts, pallets and crates – we can handle it all.
  • Excavators up to 46 tonne with quick hitch connections, allowing machines to swap from wood shears to grabs to load the shredders in no time. Our machines can handle difficult and wet products.
  • Attachments include stump grinders, hydraulic wood shears, hydraulic steel shears, hydraulic pulverisers, hydraulic hammers, standard grapples, rake grapples for sorting demolition rubbish, and log grapples. We can handle steel, and have magnets fitted to remove contaminants such as metals.
  • Dozers, rubber tyred wheel loaders, dump trucks and a range of support equipment also available.
  • Our heavy haulage fleet can remove green waste or mulch as required, or we can leave product on site to be used in site remediation or landscaping.

Equipment for Hire or Contract

Call the office to discuss pricing.

Shredders & Grinders

All track mounted with magnets.

KOMPTECH Terminator 6000S

Low speed Shredder

Diamond Z DZH 6000

1050hp Horizontal Grinder

Peterson 5710C

1050hp Horizontal Grinder

Diamond Z 4000

800hp Horizontal Grinder

Feller Bunchers

Tigercat L870C

feller buncher with directional felling head

Forest Mulchers

FAE PT 475

Forest Mulcher

FAE PT 175

Forest Mulcher

Caterpillar 324DL

FAE Mulcher Head

Volvo 8.8 Excavator

FAE Forest Mulcher Head


Caterpillar D6T

Komatsu D155


Variety of capabilities & attachments available.

Volvo EC460

46 tonne

Caterpillar 336

36 tonne

Komatsu PC350

35 tonne

Komatsu PC300 #1

30 tonne

Komatsu PC300 #2

30 tonne

Komatsu PC300 #3

30 tonnne

Caterpillar 329DL

29 tonne

Caterpillar 324DL #1

24 tonne

Caterpillar 324DL #2

24 tonne

Caterpillar 324DL #3

24 tonne

Komatsu PC220-6

22 tonne

Caterpillar 320EL

20 tonne

Caterpillar 313F

13 tonne

Komatsu PC130

13 tonne

Volvo 8.8ECR

8.8 tonne

Komatsu PC50

5 tonne

Komatsu PC 18MR-3



Variety of attachments for excavators for a range of functions.

Felling Head

Forestry Mulcher Head

Hydraulic Wood Shears

Stump Grinder

Rake Grapples

Standard Grapples

Hydraulic pulverisers

Diamond rock saw

Trenching bucket

Our Sustainable Practices

For many years we have been proudly delivering high rates of resource recovery as we process, supply and deliver quality materials to the community using innovative and environmentally responsible solutions.

We take our responsibility seriously in ensuring sustainable development and effective implementation of environmental practices and are compliant with EPA legislation. We strive to achieve minimal impact on the surrounding environment and are continuously monitoring impacts and improving methods to protect the environment. We look to minimise the impact of clearance work by using our specialised timber mulching machines, aiming to prevent erosion, and hoping to return valuable nutrients to the soil. Recycling used timber reduces your disposal costs and prevents unnecessary logging. We are committed to producing environmentally sustainable products. Companies who engage with us in recycling are conserving raw resources and contributing to sustainable building and a sustainable Australia. Our work supports a circular economic model that secures the future of our planet and its people.