Earthmoving Equipment Hire NSW

  • Over 100 pieces of plant & equipment in our fleet
  • Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Earthworks
  • Site Clearing
  • Site remediation & decontamination
  • Rock hammering, rock sawing, rock augering
  • Land subdivision
  • Drainage & trenches
  • Structural pads
  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential, industrial & commercial
  • Recycled road base, soil & aggregate delivery
  • Landscaping works
  • Sandstone retaining walls
  • Bulk haulage

We have almost 50 years experience in excavation, demolition & earthmoving services. We have over 100 pieces of heavy machinery plant & earthmoving equipment for hire or contract. Since 1975 Davis Earthmoving has been a professional earthmoving contractor performing hire or contract work for councils, government & private companies in commercial, industrial and residential sectors throughout Sydney & NSW. All machinery is wet hire, supplied with our experienced operators. Our huge range of equipment enables us to meet the client’s needs at any time. Call the office to discuss your job requirements and for a quote today.

Plant & Equipment Hire

We have over 100 pieces of plant and equipment in our privately owned fleet for hire or contract in Sydney and NSW.

Davis Earthmoving has Excavators ranging from 1.8 tonne to 46 tonne with a multitude of attachments; Hammers, Grapples, Borers, Trenching buckets, Diamond Rock Saws, Rock Grinders, Rock Rippers, Concrete Pulverisers, Wood Shears. Our extensive fleet ranges from Articulated Dump Trucks, Soil Compactors, Rollers, Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Graders, Landfill Compactors, Mobile Crushers, Screens, Timber Grinders, Low Speed Shredders, Forest Mulchers and more. Our machinery has advanced technologies and powerful performance. Our high-end equipment is portable to work on site, and our low loaders transport machines directly to you. Our heavy haulage fleet and tipper trucks offer bulk haulage, material delivery or waste removal. Davis Earthmoving also offers wholesale recycled landscape supplies including recycled road base, soil and crushed aggregate supply throughout Sydney.

Earthmoving, Excavation & Demolition

We offer professional earthmoving, excavation and demolition services throughout Sydney and NSW.

Davis Earthmoving is highly skilled in earth works, bulk excavation, site preparation, land clearing, levelling and re-stabilising, land subdivision, retaining walls, rock sawing, rock auguring, rock pulverising, site remediation, decontamination, structural pads, plumbing trenches and drainage, landscaping works, demolition of buildings and structures, residential, civil and commercial excavation and construction.

Service Centre & Qualified Operators

We have qualified extremely experienced operators and safety is our priority.

What makes us unique is we operate our own Service Centre where scheduled maintenance is carried out on all our equipment as a priority in-house ensuring there is little delay. We have mechanics, fitters, boilermakers, welders, fabricators and spray painters along with all tools to repair our equipment quickly. We have service trucks for field maintenance giving the client confidence there will be little delay. Davis Earthmoving has a factory of spare parts on hand to save waiting for suppliers or parts to be imported from overseas. We have minimum plant down time and maximum efficiency. This gives us the edge, as we’re able to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Rock Sawing & Retaining Walls

Davis Earthmoving is highly experienced in all kinds of rock excavation and sandstone retaining walls for residential and commercial properties.

We specialise in building aesthetically pleasing retaining walls that fulfil their function to stabilize soil and land. Our excavator attachments include diamond rock saws, rock augers and rock hammers. Our rock hammers can excavate rock for construction of structures, driveways and earthworks. Our rock auger can be used to drill piers for footings, holes for electrical poles, pipes or posts. Our rock saws easily slice through rock leaving a smooth surface to create a structurally sound and premium looking finished sandstone retaining wall.

Equipment for Hire or Contract

Wet Hire, all equipment supplied with our skilled experienced operators. Call the office to discuss pricing.


Variety of capacities & attachments available.

Volvo EC460

46 tonne Excavator

Caterpillar 336

36 tonne Excavator

Komatsu PC350

35 tonne Excavator

Komatsu PC300 #1

30 tonne Excavator

Komatsu PC300 #2

30 tonne Excavator

Komatsu PC300 #3

30 tonnne Excavator

Caterpillar 329DL

29 tonne Excavator

Caterpillar 324DL #1

24 tonne Excavator

Caterpillar 324DL #2

24 tonne Excavator

Caterpillar 324DL #3

24 tonne Excavator

Komatsu PC220-6

22 tonne Excavator

Caterpillar 320EL

20 tonne Excavator

Caterpillar 313F

13 tonne Excavator

Komatsu PC130

13 tonne Excavator

Volvo 8.8ECR

8.8 tonne Excavator

Komatsu PC50

5 tonne Excavator

Komatsu PC 18MR-3

1.8 tonne Excavator


Variety of attachments for excavators for a range of functions.

Felling Head

Forestry Mulcher Head

Hydraulic Wood Shears

Stump Grinder

Rake Grapples

Standard Grapples

Hydraulic pulverisers

Diamond rock saw

Trenching bucket

Wheel Loaders (Rubber Tyred)

Variety of capacity sizes & models.

Caterpillar 980G

5.5m3 Loader

Caterpillar 966F

4.0m3 Loader

Volvo BM L150H #1

4.2m3 Loader

Volvo BM L150H #2

4.2m3 Loader

Volvo BM L150 #1

4.2m3 Loader

Volvo BM L150 #2

4.2m3 Loader

Caterpillar 938G

2.5m3 Loader

Caterpillar 936

2.0m3 Loader

Volvo L35

1.0m3 Loader

Manitou Telescopic Handler

Capacity 3 tonne, 13m reach

Manitou Telescopic Handler

Capacity 4 tonne, 7m reach

Track Loader

Caterpillar 931

4in1 drott 2.5m3

Dump Trucks

Variety of capacity sizes & models.


35 tonne


25 tonne


40 tonne

Rollers Soil Dirt Compactors

Caterpillar CS56

12 tonne Smooth Drum Roller

Ingersoll Rand

12 tonne Pad Foot Roller

Ingersoll Rand

2.5 tonne Smooth Drum Roller

Landfill Compactors

Caterpillar 816F-2


Caterpillar 815B


Komatsu WA450T



Caterpillar 120G



Caterpillar D6T


Komatsu D155




20 tonne Crane

Road Sweeper

Road Sweeper

Green Machine 636

Scissor Lifts

All Electric


26ft All Terrain


40 ft All Terrain


15 ft