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Davis Earthmoving’s transport fleet includes a wide range of Heavy Haulage Trucks, Prime Movers, Float Trailers, Dump Trucks, Bulk Tipper Hire, Semi Tippers and Bogie Truck & Dogs available for contract or hourly hire.

We have Low Loaders to transport heavy equipment and oversize loads in Sydney and state-wide in NSW. We offer bulk haulage and bulk tipper service to efficiently transport bulk material. Our articulated dumpers can move material on your excavation site. Our road registered water trucks can deliver water for your tanks or our water carts can be hired per hour to spray water hydrating your earthworks site. With almost 50 years in the industry, Davis Earthmoving & Quarrying has a proven track record and extensive experience providing safe, efficient and reliable transport.

Bulk Haulage, Truck & Trailer, Tipper Hire Sydney

Davis Earthmoving offers bulk haulage and tipper hire services to transport materials to and from your site. We contract or hourly hire in Sydney and NSW. We have semi tippers, bogie truck & trailers and smaller tipper trucks for bulk material transport. We have highly experienced drivers and a strong safety record built up over almost 50 years in the industry. Our articulated dump trucks can also efficiently move materials on your earthworks site. Call the office to discuss your job requirements and for a quote today.

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Prime Mover & Low Loader Float Hire NSW

Serious machinery needs serious transport solutions. Davis Earthmoving & Quarrying has a range of heavy haulage prime mover and float trailers available to transport heavy machinery in Sydney and state-wide NSW. Our heavy-duty prime movers can float heavy equipment up to 120 tonne. Our company has been transporting heavy machinery since 1975. We have experienced drivers, and we pride ourselves on our history of high safety and quality of services.

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Recycled Material Delivery Sydney

Davis Earthmoving offers truck delivery to deliver recycled products and landscaping supplies. We have tipper trucks, semi tippers and bogie truck & trailers for bulk material transport in Sydney. Material delivery is available in load sizes of 2 tonne up to 36 tonne. Bulk Haulage available. Call the office to discuss your job today.

Delivery Recycled Products

Haulage & Truck Fleet for Hire or Contract

Call the office to discuss pricing.

Prime Movers

Able to attach a variety of low loader trailers with a range of capacity. Capable of floating heavy machinery up to 120 tonne.

Volvo FH16 Prime mover

700hp with low loader 3×8

Volvo FH16 Prime mover

600hp with low loader 3×8

Volvo FH16 Prime mover

600hp with low loader quad

Float Trailers

Drake 5×8 Extendable Float

Drake 4×4 Float

Drake 3×8 Trailer (Long)

Drake 3×8 Trailer (Short)

Drake Dolly

Truck & Trailer


Volvo FH16 Twin Steer

with super-dog

Volvo FMX

Bogie Tipper

Volvo NH12 Prime Mover

B-Double aluminium bodies

Volvo NH12 Prime mover

with tipping trailer

Volvo NL12

Bogie Tipper

Volvo NL12

Bogie Tipper With Pig Trailer

Volvo NL10

Bogie tipper

Volvo FL10

Bogie Drive hook lift with bins

Tipping trailer

Pig trailer

Tipper Trucks

Nissan UD Tipper

6 tonne truck

Mitsubishi Tipper

4 tonne truck

Dump Trucks

Variety of capacity sizes & models.


35 tonne


25 tonne

Water Trucks


30,000LTR tank

Volvo FL10

bogie drive water cart with high pressure spray

Volvo FL10 Hook Tank

Water Cart 14,000 litre tank

Service Vehicles

Available for field maintenance & mechanical repairs.

Mitsubishi Service Wagon

4 tonne

Mercedes Actors

6×4 service truck

Isuzu Service Truck Hiab

with welder & compressor

Isuzu Service Truck

Dual Cab Hiab with compressor

Daihatsu Service Truck

Dual Cab with compressor

Mitsubishi Service Truck

2 tonne

Isuzu Table Top

2 tonne