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Davis Earthmoving offers a range of recycled products & eco landscaping supplies at wholesale prices; Recycled Road Base, Crushed Concrete Aggregates in various sizes, Soil, Sand, Crushed Terracotta Tile, Mulch, Soil Mix, Turf Underlay, Crushed Sandstone & Sandstone Ballast Rock of all shapes and sizes. We sort, process, sell and deliver large volumes of recycled products directly to the wholesale, retail and private consumer market. From our own sources alone Davis Earthmoving produces over a quarter of a million tonne of recycled materials per annum.

We produce quality recycled products and aggregates to meet industry standards and customer specifications. Our aim is to process waste materials and turn them into quality, valuable, sustainable products and sold back into the industry for use in our communities. By choosing recycled products you are joining us in our commitment to create a waste free Australia.

Delivery Available –   in load sizes of 2 tonne up to 36 tonne in Sydney. Bulk Haulage available in NSW.

Pick Up Location –  Greenwood Landfill & Waste Recovery Facility Mona Vale Rd, St Ives

Landscape Supplies & Recycled Products

Pick up or Delivery:

  • Recycled Road Base 20mm minus
  • Crusher Sand 5mm minus / crusher dust / bedding sand
  • 10mm Crushed Concrete Aggregate
  • 20mm Crushed Concrete Aggregate
  • 30mm Crushed Concrete Aggregate
  • Oversize Crushed Concrete Aggregate
  • Crushed Asphalt / Bitumen
  • Terracotta Tile Crushed 20mm Minus
  • Terracotta Tile Crushed 10mm Minus
  • Terracotta Tile Crushed 5mm Minus Sand
  • Soil Mix
  • Sandstone – Ripped
  • Sandstone – Crushed 50mm minus
  • Sandstone Ballast
  • Turf Underlay
  • Mulch Fines – 16mm minus
  • Garden Mulch – 40mm minus
  • Coarse Oversize Mulch – 40mm +

Pick-Up Product Price List

Waste Tipping Price List

Landscape Material Delivery

We deliver recycled material in a range of truck sizes from 2 tonne up to 36 tonne.

Davis Earthmoving has Bogie Trucks to deliver 12 tonne loads in Sydney. We also have Bogie & pig trailers, Truck & Dogs, Truck & Super-dogs, Semi-Trailers for larger quantities. We have Tipper trucks that can deliver in 2 tonne, 4 tonne and 6 tonne loads. We can offer bulk haulage and we offer hourly hour. We also have Water Trucks, Dump Trucks and Prime Movers with Low-Loader floats operating throughout NSW.

Why Use Recycled Products

  • Recycled Crushed Concrete serves as a great base course in road construction; aggregates are used for underground utilities, pipe bedding, for soil stabilisation, and in various landscape settings, including paving stones, rock walls, erosion structures, retaining walls.
  • Crushed tile is a great product for landscaping, driveways and gardens.
  • Turf Underlay are used for soil moisturisation, in garden beds and to raise site levels.
  • Mulch helps retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation and helping the soil to absorb rainfall. This reduces the need for watering and in turn helps with water conservation. Mulching also prevents weeds and weed seed germination, which compete with plants for moisture and nutrients.

Our Sustainable Resource Recovery Practices

For many years we have been proudly delivering high rates of resource recovery.

Davis Earthmoving & Quarrying is driven by our commitment to recover, reuse and recycle valuable, quality and environmentally sustainable products. Our recovered materials can be re-used back in infrastructure, construction & demolition industries and communities. Our aim is to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill using best practice resource recovery. We process, supply and deliver quality landscape materials in Sydney and NSW using innovative and environmentally responsible solutions. We are committed to providing reliable, high quality products and services, maintaining our high ethical and safety standards, whilst staying committed to sustainable practices. Our work supports a circular economic model that secures the future of our planet and its people.